Rainbow Six Siege Starter Tips

Rainbow Six Siege is known as one of the most popular competitive shooter games available in the market. Since its launch, the community of Rainbow Six Siege has grown stronger and wider. Its complex plots and tricky mechanism can perplex any player at first. 

So, a list of useful tips can always be helpful. In this article, you will find some most effective tips to boost your skills and make everything easy for you. Even if you are a seasoned player, you can learn many things from these tips.

Most Useful Rainbow Six Siege Tips

Rainbow Six Siege is very much different from other shooter games. If you are still trying to adjust to its complicated mechanism, these tips can help you out.

1. Shooting

In Rainbow Six Siege, you won’t be able to shoot immediately just after pulling the trigger. What the character is doing at the moment also matters. When you are aiming down sight, the bullets will go out instantly, but you won’t be able to fire at all when you are running. 

You have to ADS for shooting which can cause a significant delay. So, an apt thing you can do is, walking and using a hipfire. But even then, the spread will be really high until your ADS are perfect. It may take a few seconds to ADS completely, but these few seconds can create life and death situations.

2. Map Memorizing

In Rainbow Six Siege, you can play over twenty maps. This is quite a lot for a multiplayer shooting game. Memorizing all these maps is very tough as each map differs from the other, which is very complicated. So, understanding each map is very important here. 

You can play on training mode or use simple bot matches to explore the map before jumping into the real game. This will give you enough time to check different map entry points that you can break through and get access to new areas. Moreover, you can also check the sightlines and hiding spots to use your drones safely.

3. Using Drones

Drones are very important in this game. Most players do not give them enough credit and end up wasting them. You can use the drones in every round as your attacking strategy. The best thing about drones is, you can easily sneak them into the area of your enemies and keep it hidden. 

Drones are hard to find if you have chosen a good spot, like inside plants or under a table. While you are involved in a fight, you can use these hidden drones for pinging your enemies. It is one of the undetected rainbow six siege hacks that can be very useful for you.

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4. Leaving Space for Exit

If you are a part of defending team, you have to stay close to the bomb site and guard the walls so that enemies cannot break through. Thus, your enemies will fail to take your position easily. But always leave some space open for an easy exit. If your team needs help at other bomb sites, you have to rotate around. Without any space, you will be stuck at that particular bomb site which will be problematic for the whole team.

5. Use of Guns

The type of gun you choose for battles depends on which team you are currently in. If you are a part of an attacking team, long-range guns are best. The defenders will set traps for you. So, your aim must be shooting as many defenders as possible from a distance. Thus, you can get some kills without falling straight into their trap.

On the other hand, you need close-range guns if you are a defender. The attackers will approach you, and you can take advantage of the chance. In most cases, the defenders lure the attackers to their trap. So, using blasts and close-range guns will be an intelligent decision.

6. Positioning

As mentioned above, every map is different, so choosing the perfect position can be difficult. You need to place yourself in such a place where you can keep an eye on every room entrance. Also, stay careful of enemies attacking from your back. Moreover, always make an easy escape plan if things go wrong.


So, these are all the tips that will help you grip this complex game. Rainbow Six Siege may feel claustrophobic at first, but you will enjoy this run and chase once you get the hang of it. Use these tips to improve your game and win matches. So keep practicing and enjoy!

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