5 Rainbow Six Siege Tips to Make You the Ultimate Operative

Rainbow Six Siege is one of our favorite shooter games. This is not just a simple shooter game. The world of Rainbow Six Siege is brutal, psychological, and tactical. As you join this game, you will be thrown in the middle of a bloody brief shootout. Your usual gaming style may not be useful here because this game uses a complex mechanism. 

If you are playing Rainbow Six Siege, you need to forget whatever you already know about first-person shooter games. You need a reliable list of tips to understand this complex game. In this article, you will find the 5 most useful tips that will turn you into the best Rainbow Six Siege operative. These tips are from the pro-players and thus, are 100% effective.

5 Top Rainbow Six Siege Tips

1. Unlock Different Operatives

Joining the multiplayer battles must be your aim if you are playing Rainbow Six Siege. But before you jump into this brutally competitive world, you should try solo playing. This mode will give you a clear idea about this game and test your skills. Moreover, you can also unlock the Renown in this mode, which will unlock different operatives. 

All these operatives are unique and useful. So, before joining the game, you should unlock several operatives. Some of them should be defenders, while others must be attackers. As mentioned above, each operator has its special abilities. You need to learn their skills and use them for your benefit. You can use special operatives to complete these tasks perfectly, from setting up a termite to taking our drones.

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2. Take Enough Time

In Rainbow Six Siege, every round is very short. You have to use all your strategies during these minutes. So, each second is very crucial. Never rush into any battle. The maps are very condensed, so you can move around the map methodically. Thus, there is no need to make hasty decisions. 

Never rush into any room, or predict enemy camps at every corner. You are fighting against many players. Everyone is looking for an opportunity to kill you, so do not give them any chance to attack you. Try to avoid high-risk zones. This will help you to survive longer. So, taking each step strategically is one of the most effective rainbow six siege hacks.

3. Do Not Use Doors

Using doors to enter a room can be a wrong move and result in an instant kill. In Rainbow Six Siege, you can enter a room from several directions. Entering it by the door is the most expected move. As soon as you enter a room by the door, enemies hidden in the corner will shoot you. 

Enemies will be caught off guard if you blast through the windows or walls. You can take advantage of this situation. You can also enter the room by crashing through its ceiling. So, do not plan expected moves and challenge the expectations of your enemies.

4. Try to Read the Battle Ground

In such a brutal game, death can approach you anytime, from anywhere. In the most unexpected places, you can get attacked and die. So, learn to identify the changes in your surrounding environment when any enemy is approaching you. 

Whenever you doubt the presence of an enemy behind cover, take the necessary steps. You can also peek under the doors to check the presence of your enemies and plan your attack. You can also check the direction of the blood spatter. This can help you to understand the direction of the attacker. Thus you can stay more alert.

5. Play as a Team

Rainbow Six Siege is a team game. It is a five vs. five players encounter. Here, communicating with the players is very important. If you work together, you can attack a room from different angles. 

A well-planned team attack is always more effective than a lone wolf attack. When playing as a team, do not forget to cover one another’s blind spot. But never stay too close to each other. If the team stays too close, a grenade can be your nightmare. So, protect each other and strategize together to win victory. 


These are the top five tips that can help you become a better player in the Rainbow Six Siege. Two essential steps are using the right weapons and preparing well before joining the battle. Rainbow Six Siege is an ever-thrilling game. So, play it with your friends and use these tips to have an amazing experience.

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