Top 9 Websites to Stream Free Movies Online

Streaming sites are getting expensive every day and movie mavens ask ‘what websites can I watch free movies’. Illegal downloads are integrated into our day to day life.

You just have to compare the number of people who have HBO or Netflix subscribed at home, with all the people who have seen the last season of Game of Thrones live and direct. The numbers do not come out, and that can only be explained because many people download their favorite series and movies on the Internet.

However, there are platforms on the market that do not cost a single dollar and in their catalog; they have popular movies and series that you should not miss. Therefore, we present you with some alternatives in case you are thinking of stopping paying for paid streaming services.

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Roku is a free streaming system, which you can use through Roku TV or a player that connects to your television. Here you can review the content of different services such as Netflix, YouTube, Blim, and Prime Video.

It has a free-of-charge catalog that has tons of options that are available in exchange for viewing commercials. You can also request free trials from other sites from their service.


Who doesn’t know the most popular video site? YouTube is a great option if you don’t want to pay anything for entertainment. Although the site has been very popular among so-called influencers, there are also documentaries, series, short films, reports, and an endless number of audiovisual products from both independent artists and well- known media. You can also convert video of Youtube to mp3 320kbps to listen music.


VUDU is a movie rental service where you can see the latest releases in high definition and 4K. This option stands out because it places the main premieres in its catalog. It also offers free titles, although the only” downside” is that feature films come with ads.


If you are an animal lover, Anime-Planet is a good option, as it has free and safe content for all users who like this type of content. What Anime-Planet does is work for hand in hand with paid services.

The most recent films and chapters still require a subscription, but there are tons of series, specials, and movies that you can enjoy in full for free.


Vimeo is similar to YouTube because it was also created for anyone to use this platform to upload their content. However, this platform leaned toward movies, documentaries, and short films.

While there are not the most recognized titles, there is a wide diversity of content of all genres and all budgets, created by independent filmmakers or just beginning their creative careers.

Film Chest

If classic cinema is your thing, Film Chest is for you as it protects old productions that are already free of rights.

With more than 3,000 titles available, Film Chest is a company that is also dedicated to film restoration. For this reason, it is possible that on its platform you will find the same films as in other services, but with higher quality.


Probably the biggest free platform to watch free and legal movies on the internet, owned by Sony, Crackle offers an excellent catalog of popular movies in HD quality and good sound. The exclusive content for the platform, a fast search engine seems more than remarkable.

Although we can register and create an account, the truth is that it is not necessary to be able to watch the movies online and for free. What more could you want?

Open Culture

Open Culture is the open site for culture, with an immense number of online movies, educational content, and more than 350 free books. In its filmography section we find around 1000 classic films, all of them hosted on Most of the movies are in black and white and are directed by renowned directors.

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If we are fans of anime in all its aspects we cannot ignore Crunchyroll either. This streaming platform allows us to see a large part of its catalog with series such as One Punch Man, Hunter X Hunter or Black Clover without having to spend a dollar.

It is enough that we register with a free account on their website to see the content (supported by ads). The platform still has some points to polish in terms of usability, but in general, it is a legal alternative that is highly recommended for lovers of the free content.

The list provides the Best Free Online Movie Streaming experience and is sufficient to serve your needs. Not only will these sites provide ways to stream Movies, but TV Shows and Documentaries as well.

When you use these sites, you are going directly to the source site and you reveal your identity. You should always use a VPN to protect your identity and security when streaming with websites that are not legal in your region.

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