5 Great Games with an Ocean Theme

The ocean has always been beautiful, exciting, mysterious, and even dangerous in some cases. There is a whole oceanic world we are yet to explore in real life, but game developers have made this possible by creating great ocean-themed games. While some of these games are available on PC, many of them are also available on smartphones and handheld devices such as the Nintendo Switch.

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Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World was first released for mobile in 2016, and after it become quite popular, it was released for consoles in 2018. This is an RPG game about a hungry shark that must eat everything it sees to grow in size. Players can unlock bigger sharks as they progress through the game, but the most fun is when the shark grows larger, and its threats do too. The only downside to the game is that it has not been released for the Nintendo Switch where its side-scrolling gameplay would be perfect for that screen size. 

There aren’t many other games featuring sharks, especially for mobile devices with smaller screens. Players looking for another ocean-themed game featuring sharks and other sea creatures where there are real stakes should try the progressive slot game Great Blue Jackpot available on numerous online casinos.

Song of the Deep

Song of the Deep was released in 2016. The game follows the main character, a young girl, as she goes on a quest to find her dad. As she goes on along her journey, she discovers mysteries of the deep ocean, which is the game’s setting. One of the best things about Song of the Deep is that it features non-linear gameplay. It also offers lots of progressions, with players even able to equip a submarine so they can explore deeper areas of the ocean.


Barotrauma is a different type of game because, in addition to its ocean theme, it also has elements of sci-fi and survival horror gameplay. As its slogan says, you need to help the crew on your submarine succeed or ensure nobody else survives.

Players need to control the crew to operate and maintain the submarine while also exploring the depths of the ocean. There are terrible beasts to be conquered in addition to the unforgiving elements of the ocean depths. You can also play with up to 16 friends on a single ship.


Although a 2D game, Koral is very challenging and engaging. It is a beautifully designed game, with lots of colors and organisms. The game aims to push you to solve puzzles after which you get to revive a coral leaf.

Koral highlights the effects of human activity on oceans and marine life and encourages you to rebuild the oceans instead of just exploring them. For casual players who only want to explore, the sights and sounds are quite enjoyable.


Abzu is a different ocean-themed game in that it is meant to be explored rather than challenging you. Players guide the main character through the oceans as they discover corals and fish as well as come across massive sea creatures such as sharks, giant squids, and whales.

The story is that there is a whole world of prehistoric animals under the ocean. Players do not have to engage with this world because the game builds it and its story around you as you play. Abzu does not push you to finish the game so you can take as long as you like if you want to explore, or as little as you like if you want to complete all objectives quickly.

Ocean-themed games are different from what many gamers have experienced. Their main draw is that they allow you to explore new worlds you otherwise wouldn’t have. There are also challenges to overcome, but many of these games only offer an experience and let you explore their worlds as you wish.

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