6 Unique Things to Try Out on Your First Date

The first date with someone is exciting, and it becomes more special when it is with a person we have been secretly crushing on. Therefore, the pressure to ensure it goes well is high. It is hard to plan the first date when we know little to nothing about the person (not counting dating our friend or someone we have known for a long time). You want to plan a memorable date that leads to a second date, now be your date a gamer, fashionable, adventurous, etc. you want to make the time count. . Thus, the pressure begins, and you have to decide whether you want to do something traditional like a movie or a coffee date. Or you want to do something unique. If you are reading this article, it’s the latter. Right? You want to think outside the box for first-date ideas, and we are here to help you with tons of unique ideas for you to try.

Go on a First Date Hike.

If you are an adventure junkie and your date loves it too, go on a hike on your first date. Find a nearby hiking spot that is not that secluded so that your date is comfortable. Pack all the essential things for a hike. Also, pack some food, a bottle of wine or coffee, and some flowers. Once you reach your destination after hiking, pick a comfortable spot and have a small picnic. It will be a memorable date, and maybe you can enjoy the sunset together. Make sure your date is comfortable with the hiking plan before executing it fully.

Go for a Floral Arrangement Class.

Doing activities together is fun and an exciting way to have a first date. For example, if your date loves flowers, take her to a flower arrangement class. You can learn flower arrangements in California from the expert, and if not California, you can choose any in your region. It will be fun as most people love flowers, and through the process, you will get to know each other. In the end, you can present your flower arrangement to your date. An hour or so in the class will give you ample time to have fun and goof around, and after that, you can enjoy a coffee or lunch accordingly.

Go and Play with Shelter Dogs.

Another fun first-date idea is to go to a dog shelter house. You can play with them, feed them, and even walk them together. If you both love dogs, this is an exciting idea.

Go on a Tour of a Winery or Brewery.

A winery or brewery tour is almost an hour, which is perfect when you are going out on a date you met on tinder. However, you don’t know much about them as there is no mutual connection. You can break the ice through the tour by talking about wine or beer and getting to know each other. It serves two purposes, you can fuzz out details of whether you want a second date with the person, and if you do, you can find a mutual wine or beer to try on your next date night.

Go for Karaoke

Karaoke is fun and an exciting first date option. You can set up karaoke at home or go out, whatever is comfortable. There is nothing better than letting go of your inhibitions on the first date. You both will hear each other sing. After that, things are not so awkward anymore. Are they?

Go for a Comedy or Standup Show.

We all want a partner who has a sense of humor, and if it matches ours, it’s perfect. Thus, going out for a comedy or standup show is an incredible idea. Lastly, grab a drink or late dinner after the show to talk as you will not get much time or privacy to do it during the show.

You can always take the help of social media; you can learn a bit about the person you are going with on a date. So, use that to your advantage and plan a date you both will like. Also, choose an activity or place where you can talk because that’s necessary and will help you decide on a second date.

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