Interior Decor Tips for Contemporary Indian Homes

When the discussion of home design arises, Indian homes have a very unique and distinct taste. As soon as you enter such a home, you are sounded by a warm, cozy yet bedazzling home. Everything from the colors to the furniture gives you an ethnic and vibrant vibe. Home interiors in Bangalore stand out for their minimal yet contemporary designs, which stylishly keep the essence of all things. 

When it comes to great contemporary lighten-up interiors, there are many options, styles, and features to choose from. However, nothing beats the charm of a vibrant, contemporary home that has modern outlines. The reason is that these designs stay true to the needs and cultural desires of homeowners while creating an ambient and cozy home. 

What to Keep in Mind While Designing Contemporary Interior Designs? 

Professionals dealing with home interiors in Bangalore do not have pre-set rules on how to create lively interior designs. To achieve this, they work with the vision of the homeowners and integrate it with their own experiences. However, there are some things designers like to keep in mind while creating the designs, some of which are: 

  1. Focus on Lighting: When we think of contemporary Indian homes, they all have a common element of sufficient light livening up the house. When trying to design a home, designers try and include multiple areas that allow natural light to flow into the house. No matter how old or new a house is, contemporary lighting plans can help pull all the elements together. Even table lamps, floor lightings, wall hangings, and chandeliers can be used to add a grandeur effect. Adding artistic artificial lighting is preferred, as it adds to the contemporary nature of the design. 
  1. Pay Attention to Colors: Colors play an integral role in setting moods across the house. Many people go with colors they like the most or completely avoid making informed decisions. Most professionals, however, try and find balance with colors in the house. Be it to make a bold statement or a minimalistic one, vibrant colors like turquoise, bright violets, muted greys, nudes, and others are placed on a color palette. To complete the contemporary look, pairing the colors with matching rugs, furniture, and home accessories can help spruce things up. 
  1. Watch Out for Unruly Lines: A great defining feature of contemporary Indian designs is the presence of clean lines, vertical, curved, or horizontal. The architectural design of a home plays a role in this, with defining high ceilings and windows. Furniture, sculptures, and accessories can help create geometric, clean spaces as well. Shapes also play a role in defining the shape of a home. Contemporary designs make use of geometric shapes in lamps, lights, wall hangings, and symbolic furniture to add to the charm. 
  1. Furniture: A good contemporary design includes simple, sophisticated, and subtle designs. Furniture is an integral contributor in creating such a contemporary look. When you are furnishing your home, choose light-colored woods, stoned walls, metal furniture, and multiple organic elements. Ensure you space these out to avoid cluttering your space. 
  1. Minimal Designs: Minimalism is agreeably a highly popular style these days but requires more than simply adding minimalistic art or furniture. Choosing minimalistic and contemporary home decor requires an eye for both detail and spacing. Minimalism does not imply solely having empty spaces but creates a spacious look by tactfully furnishing the home. The idea is to create spacious, cozy, and stylish designs. 
  1. Add a Variety of Elements: Speaking of contemporary designs, they are usually marked with muted colors. Interior decorators try to jazz the lookup by using different textures, using clay, stone, timber, glass, and other organic materials, along with modern accessories. 
  1. Carved Stones: Exposed brick architecture might feel royal but can be expensive and get quite dull. When aiming for contemporary designs, exposed stone pillars make a much better choice to liven the home up and bring an element of awe. Using contemporary riles, ceramics, and wall hangings go great with stone pillars and walls to complete the look. 
  1. Play with Glass: Glass has always had a place to be used for windows and doors but can be used for so much more. Contemporary designs play with ideas of different textures and find various uses for glass. With an inherent ability to reflect and play with the lighting of a room, various types of glass are used to create themes and textures in furniture, accessories, and more. Mirrors are especially enjoyed by designers, as they can play with the lights of a room while adding to the contemporary charm to the room

Creating contemporary home interiors is a great choice to build a vibrant and visually pleasing home. Always consult a professional if you’re unsure, as their trained eyes are tuned to find the best elements, colors, and textures to build a beautiful, ethnic contemporary home.

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