10 Killer Ways to Style Your Hair for Wedding

A wedding is a big occasion. You do not want to look like you rolled out of bed. Brides would want to look stylish, beautiful, and polished on their big day, but in a way that feels natural, that includes their hairdo. Brides with long curly hair would want curly hair wedding styles that are flattering and reflects their personality. And brides with short hair would want to make sure that it looks as good as possible. But regardless of what the hair type is, there are plenty of ways to style it for weddings. There is no need for an over-the-top hairdo or some crazy hairstyle that requires hours of maintenance. All you need is some perfect wedding hairstyles for curly hair ideas for either long or short hair to give you a stunning look for your big day. If you are having trouble deciding on a hairstyle, check out these 10 hairstyles that are perfect for weddings.

Classy Curly Bridal Hair

Brides with curly hair have nothing to worry about because naturally curly hair wedding styles are super awesome. These curly hairs will make brides beautiful and confident on their wedding day. The best way to style curly long or short wedding hairstyles is to use products designed for curly hair. These products offer the most control and keep your curls looking frizz-free. If you want to wear your hair down, consider using soft waves or a braid-out style instead of a strapless one. This will help keep your curls in place without needing any product. Brides who want a formal look can add some accessories to add flair. Hair curls are beautiful on their own, but adding accessories like headbands and flower crowns will make them pop even more.

Short Hair Bridal Twist

Brides with short curly hair have varieties of hairstyles to match their tastes and style. Brides can opt for bridal curly twists, it makes a bride look magical if a hairstylist styles it well. Twists are easy to style. They also make the bride’s hair exude simplicity and style. This curly bridal hair is perfect for short curly hair brides.

Romantic Curls with Side Swept Bang

Romantic curly hair wedding styles are trendy and beautiful. Brides can use hot rollers or curling iron to curl them up. If you want to make it look more natural, try not to use too much hairspray on your curls as this will lead to frizziness. The side-swept bangs add an extra touch of beauty to the style and they look amazing on any bride not minding their short or long hair. You can also add a few accessories like flowers or ribbons to make it fit your wedding theme.

Long Curls with Top Loose Buns

Long curly hair wedding styles are better for brides who want to show off their natural long curls without doing too much. Having curly hair can help you achieve this look while still keeping your hair under control. The top-loose bun caught up in the front gives the appearance volume and style options based on what kind of day you have chosen for yourself.

Soft Waves Updo

The soft waves updo is one of the most popular wedding hairstyles for curly hair brides in the past few years. This updo is perfect for a bride who likes to have a bit of elegance but also wants to have fun with her hairstyle. It is easy to style and has a more casual look than other updos, so it is perfect for any bride who wants to stand out. The soft waves updo is often styled with loose curls, but you can also use braids if you prefer something more natural. You can even add some gel or hairspray to give it extra hold if you want.

Natural Curly French Braids

Natural curly French hairstyles for brides add a little oomph to their wedding look. It looks good on both brides and bridesmaids, and the styles are easy to style and maintain. The hairstyle is in loose curls, made of braids or twists. This look is ideal for brides who do not have time to deal with complicated updo hairstyles. This natural curly hair wedding style will fit into the wedding theme, as well as it will fit into the personality of the bride.

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Textured Curls with Pearls

A textured curl with pearls hairstyle is a better option for modern brides and brides with long hair that tends to curl inward toward their face rather than outward away from it. You could also try this style if you have thin hair that needs extra volume. Brides can decorate their bridal hair curls with pearls and place them on top of each other with a headband, which creates volume. It is perfect for any wedding where you want something classy but not too fussy!

Ponytails with Frontal Side Curls

This ponytail hairstyle is another fashionable way to wear curly long hair. It makes a nice change from all the other ponytail styles you may have seen in the past. Place the ponytail on one side of the head to make it visible from all sides of the face, and curl the front part of the hair in layers with a comb or brush. You can also pull the front hair to the side using two bobby pins or left to dangle by the side of the hair. Such stunning curly wedding updos.

Boho Half Up Half Down

The boho half up-half down is one of the trendy curly updos for weddings, it is easy to wear and looks beautiful. This hairstyle has a boho vibe and is perfect for bohemian or rustic weddings. Brides can curl or straighten their hair to suit their preferences. The front of the hair goes down while the back stays curly. You can also add some waves to this look to give it a more relaxed feel.

Flowing Curls with Florals

Flowing curls is the go-to style for curly hair brides who want to make a statement. The best way to achieve this look is by using a curling iron or blow dryer to create loose curls that stand in place with hairspray. For longer hair, you can also curl your hair using rollers or clip-in extensions. Once you curl your hair, spray it with hairspray for the curls to stay in place for the whole day. Afterward, decorate it with your choice of flowers. Boho or rustic brides can rock this style.

Curly hair wedding styles can make any bride feel more confident. If you are looking for a sleek, modern shortcut for your big day, this is one of our favorite hairstyles for brides. Just add some pretty accessories, and you will be ready to walk down the aisle.

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