What Viewers Like to See from Streamers

Video games have always been a favorite hobby for people of all ages, all over the world. On some level, it shouldn’t be a surprise that streaming has become so popular too. Streamers can entertain, teach competitive skills, and help their audiences learn more about their favorite games and how to beat them. However, if you want to succeed as a streamer, you’ll need to know what types of content people enjoy most. If you’re looking for some tips, keep reading to learn more about what viewers like to see from streamers.

What Do You Need to Set Up Your Stream?

Lighting is of the utmost importance in any visual medium, and streaming is no exception. Finding the best lighting for streaming is an essential part of your gaming setup and plays a major part in ensuring that your viewers get clear and high-quality content. There are several different types of lighting options, which can make it hard to know where to start. Soft box lights, ring lights, LEDs, and fluorescent lighting can all work, but the right choice depends on where you’re streaming from and how much additional light you need.

If you need some product recommendations to get you started, look no further. Ring lights are a good pick for beginners because of how easy they are to use, and the Neewer ring light is the most popular option on the market. One of the benefits of the Neewer is that the light intensity is easy to adjust, so you can find the right amount of light for your space. Ring lights are best suited for framing one subject, so they may not be the best pick if you don’t stream alone or if you need to brighten up the room a little.

Softboxes are essentially big boxes of light and are capable of illuminating a larger amount of space. If you want viewers to see your whole room or you have guests on your stream, you should probably go with a softbox for your lighting needs. The Mountdog softbox lighting kit offers a light intensity of 1820 lumens, and customers rave about its ability to soften the light and remove shadows. The Fovitec softbox continuous lighting kit is another great option that provides optimum daytime clarity and excellent color accuracy.

What Do Viewers Like Seeing from Streamers?

One of the best ways to boost your numbers and entertain your viewers is to collaborate with other streamers. Not only will this help everyone involved reach a new audience, but your subscribers will also enjoy the variety and excitement of well-planned collaborations. All you need to do to understand how well this works is look at some of the collaborative roleplaying streams on Twitch that involve some of the biggest personalities in streaming, including Pokimane, Hasan Piker, and xQc.

If you’re looking for some more playful ideas, you should consider showing off your pets when you go live. There are few things that online audiences love more than pets, so why not let your guest star on your live stream from time to time? Put together some fun toys like a kitty cardboard house and let your viewers enjoy the extra entertainment while you’re gaming.

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Becoming a successful streamer is incredibly difficult, especially with the amount of competition in the industry. Taking the time to learn what audiences like and how you can deliver it to them will be an important part of building a career and gaining subscribers. Having a well-produced stream with high-quality audio and video is a must, which will require some investment in equipment like a headphones and proper lighting. After that, it will be up to you to find unique ways to amuse or inform your audience, depending on what the purpose of your channel is. It won’t be easy, but achieving your dream of making living playing games is worth the hard work.

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