Foreign Country Design Styles Trending This Year

Today, interior design is more popular than ever. Everyone absolutely loves to bring foreign-inspired designs and ideas into their life, especially when it comes to remodeling your house. If you are also looking for some inspiring home decor ideas from around the world to add some fresh sophistication to your address, this is a complete guide for you. 

The Scandinavian Inspiration

The Scandinavian design represents a trend toward simplicity, functionality, and efficiency, but it also emphasizes affordability. This theme also emphasizes the importance of light, space, and a minimalistic element. Organic materials, minimal decoration, and clean detailing are other characteristics of this home design aesthetic. Black and white dominate the color scheme, with greys, blues, and the occasional splash of color providing visual relief. Scandinavian interiors include more rounded and flowing silhouettes and curves, which, combined with natural materials, give even the most basic layouts and arrangements a cozier feeling.

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The French Chic Style

One can never go wrong by following some french trends. A contemporary French home exhibits a bohemian aesthetic that is indicative of a carefree and laid-back way of living. The light earth colors that are frequently used on the walls, or the stone and bricks, are kept exposed. An abundance of strewn glass and mirrored components, shining chrome, and brass fixtures, and aggressive curves and layered designs set off a play of form and aesthetics. The best flooring options for this interior design motif are wood or stone with a patterned rug.

Traditional Country

When designing country-style interiors, coziness is essential since these rooms reflect the cozy embrace of a classic cottage. Opt for freestanding furniture made of darker woods like rosewood, mahogany, and oak. You can add side tables, coffee tables, or nests of tables to practically any room. Along with the hardwood furniture, there is also the use of leather furniture and furniture with traditional pattern upholstery. Popular design elements include patterned fabrics, papered or stenciled walls, and warm muted hues.

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The Moroccan Interiors

Moroccan interiors stand out from every other. Instead of choosing only one hue for your home, you should develop a varied color palette if you want to give it a Moroccan feel. Moroccan interiors are flavorful, vibrant, and full of energy. Using a pouffe in your living room is a simple way to give it a Moroccan flair. They can be used as footrests, side tables, or even additional sitting when paired with fluffy cushions. Adding arching details or giving the windows a stained-glass appearance are further options. 

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Australian Coastal Theme

Colors that reflect the ocean are used, while other elements of design are motivated by coastal lifestyles. The walls should be painted in a variety of tones and ombre patterns rather than a single color to mirror the hues of the waves and how the water cools as you descend deeper. Australian landscaping concepts for gardens, such as living walls, foliage plants, and artistic stone pathways, enhance the beauty of your house. This style also works well with whitewashed floorboards and furniture, which will keep your room appearing airy and new.

The Belgian Vibe

Using sleek, understated, and contemporary furniture with Belgian influences is another option to decorate your house to embrace a clutter-free lifestyle. These ultra-modern coffee tables are in keeping with the clean-lined, architecture-focused Belgian furniture style. Thanks to the thoughtful placement of big statement pieces, the purposeful layering of textures, and the use of a neutral color scheme, the aesthetic manages to be both luxurious and approachable. A crucial component of this aesthetic is linen. Throw cushions, upholstery, curtains, and other decorations are made of linen.

The Unique Ireland Aesthetic

The Irish aesthetic is best exemplified by the Jewel Stone walls. Walls painted in rich jewel tones like emerald, amethyst, and sapphire provide an elegant alternative to popular light, white color schemes. Additionally, floral patterns were popular in both living rooms and bedrooms. Within the home, ruffles and ornate curtain arrangements gained popularity. Bathroom fixtures, amenities, walls, and decorations were frequently painted the same consistent color; pinks, blues, and purples were particularly fashionable.
Using a blend of all these inspiring home decor ideas from around the world, you can easily embrace your house with all the modern sophistication!

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