Graceful Lighting Ideas to Add Warmth to Your Home Decor for Christmas

Christmas has come knocking on our doors and it is time to deck our homes up to the brim. Christmas is a festival of lights and how you end up decorating your homes is the most essential part of this holiday season. If you’ve been looking forward to giving your home that makeover since long, then you’ve come to the right place. Christmas is the best time to let your home decor boast that elegant and opulent touch, even if you’ve been planning to give your living space a minor rejig. 

Lighting is key to this festival and being prepared to welcome the holiday season with the right lighting fixtures is the best way to get into the festive spirit. While the festive season fades away sooner or later, the elegance and the grace that comes with the decor adorns your house for a longer time. Now, we bring to you the best collection of two lighting fixtures that can completely transform the aura of your home – chandeliers and floor lamps. The chandeliers can bring a different touch to your home more than you can imagine. An opulent way to spruce up your Christmas decor, chandeliers are not just a piece of decor but they become a piece of history., 

Chandelier: Lavish and luxe 

Unarguably the best lighting fixture if you want to go all out for your Christmas decoration. Chandeliers can create that aura and that ambience like no other lighting fixture and they also let your home make a loud statement. You can definitely find the right chandelier out of The White Teak’s exhaustive lighting catalogue. Here are our picks for the season. 

1. Touch the clouds: Perfect addition to your living space to uplift your Christmas spirit. It is truly a sight to see when this chandelier is lit up. Closely resembling a white dandelion, this is one of the best pieces in The White Teak’s catalogue. 

2. Time to shine: There is no other chandelier in The White Teak’s catalogue that shouts Christmas out loud. Charming golden sheets forming elegant spheres hanging like a crown to your living room is all you need to go all out on your festive spirit. Day or night, festive season or not, this chandelier will definitely outshine the rest of your home decor. 

3. One Step Ahead: This beauty is as elegant as it gets. Six golden arms boasting six amber-tinted glass shades is truly a sight to see. Giving off a contemporary yet vintage look, this chandelier will definitely grace your living space for Christmas and don’t forget all the attention it will grab. 

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Floor lamps: Elegant and graceful

1. Lot to unpack: If you’re looking for that edge in your home decor for Christmas, then this piece is the one for you. With a hint of contemporary design and high functionality quotient, Lot to Unpack becomes a must-buy for the season for all the attention it gets from you and the visitors you have for the festive season.

2. Sundance: For people who’re looking forward to having a sober Christmas decor then this piece is the one. Loud enough to light up a desolate corner and subtle enough to blend in with your existing decor, Sundance becomes a must-buy. The best part about this floor lamp is the amber-tinted bubbles that house the lights. 

3. Timeless beauty floor lamp: This one makes it to the list only because of the tremendous aura this piece can lend to your living space. With a design that’s easy on the eyes and an unmissable presence, this beauty becomes a must-buy. 

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