Minoxidil Vs. Redensyl: The Difference Between Them

Minoxidil and Redensyl are both a part of the drug line-up that beauty brands use to formulate hair care products. While the former belongs to the vasodilator drug group, the latter is a naturally derived substance obtained from plants. The emergence of these two ingredients in the beauty market has led people to wonder about the difference between them! Minoxidil has been a part of hair care products for a long time. However, Redensyl has just taken over the beauty and wellness market as a reliable alternative to hair transplants. Read on to identify the difference between these two ingredients and figure out which one is the best option to treat hair problems. 

Minoxidil: A Credible Hair Growth Solution

Minoxidil is one of the most popular hair growth medications available in the world. It induces DNA synthesis and cell division which promotes better blood circulation to the scalp. All these factors are conducive to better hair growth. In most cases, it is also said to prolong the anagen phase of the hair cycle, which allows Minoxidil users to see a visible result. However, unlike Redensyl, it is not easily available without a doctor’s prescription since it is mostly used in medicated shampoos and lotions. 

The use of active compounds in hair growth serums and tonics promotes healthy hair! 

Redensyl: The Latest Breakthrough for Hair Growth 

Redensyl assists better cell generation of the hair follicles, making itself a perfect option for male pattern baldness and excessive hair loss. It is the perfect blend of seven major plant compounds that are safe and effective in stimulating hair growth naturally. It does not contain any artificially formed hormones or chemicals that may cause irritation or itchiness to the scalp. The results of using this compound are visible in three months! 

Major Difference Between Minoxidil & Redensyl 

What makes Redensyl different from Minoxidil? Here are a few major differences that people may observe while using any of the active compounds. 

Medicated Drug Vs Cosmetic Compound 

Minoxidil is a medicated drug that is complex and is only available on prescription. Redensyl is a cosmetic drug that is ideally formulated to treat hair loss issues effectively. It targets hair follicles and stimulates better growth. 

Suitability for Hair Treatments 

Minoxidil may not be suitable for people with sensitive skin and scalp conditions. It is a harsh chemical that may cause initial hair loss before promoting regrowth. However, there are no such suitability issues with Redensyl as users are yet to encounter any major side effects from the compound. 

Prescription Vs OTC Products 

As mentioned earlier, Minoxidil is a harsh drug that is available only on the prescription of licensed dermatologists. One is unlikely to find its OTC alternative in the market. 

The Severity of The Drug 

Redensyl is not a complex or severe drug. It does not come with any major side effects in both men and women. However, Minoxidil is well-known for its probable after-effects that may turn out to be severe for some people. 

The Possible Side Effects of Redensyl & Minoxidil 

The impressive outcomes of using Redensyl leave little to the chances of any side effects as long as one uses a branded product. A contained quantity of this ingredient does not cause any severe damage to the scalp or the hair follicles even after regular usage. However, Minoxidil is a harsh compound that is likely to erupt acne or allergies on sensitive skin. Also, it sheds weak hair strands and damaged roots in the initial stage of application. So, a person may observe hair thinning initially after using Minoxidil. One can avoid this possibility by substituting 3% Redensyl with Minoxidil. 

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Which One is the Better Option for Healthy Hair Growth? 

The popularity of Redensyl has ignited the major debate on whether it is a better option than Minoxidil. Well, the answer is yes! Most OTC (Over-The-Counter) hair care products incorporate Redensyl as an effective substitute to Minoxidil for better results. Since the chances of complications are more with Minoxidil, it is always best to go for the other option! Choose a hair growth serum or tonic that contains at least 3% of this plant-derived compound to promote healthy hair. All one needs is the tag of a reliable brand that offers what it promises and uses some complimenting ingredients like Procapil and Baicapil. 

Choose the Best Redensyl Product Available in the Market 

It goes without any say that Redensyl neither causes the initial hair shedding like Minoxidil does nor it have any availability issues. One should choose the former over the latter for better results. However, choosing the right product is also essential to avoid any side effects. Some products may claim the presence of this latest biotechnology innovation but may not show desired results. Therefore, one should go for a 3% Redensyl hair growth serum or tonic to promote healthy hair growth. 

No matter how effective an active compound is, it is of no use if the product is not formulated in a perfectly balanced method. So, a wise customer must always pick his options carefully after analyzing the brand value. Enjoy healthy hair in a few months of consistent usage! 

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