4 Sleep Innovations That Will Help With A Great Night’s Rest

There’s no time like the present when it comes to finding sleep innovations or sleep solutions that are going to help you get a good night’s rest. From gel foam mattress toppers to smart lamps that are able to detect when to light up, there are tons of simple, smart ways to integrate tech and optimize your sleep set up to combat any trouble sleeping you might be experiencing.

Whether you’ve been struggling with a lack of sleep for a while, or you’re simply looking to improve your current sleep patterns, there’s a sleep innovation for you. Here are some of the most helpful and straightforward ways you can try using tech to improve your personal sleep routine.

#1: Sleep Apps

The most simple and straightforward of these tools, sleep innovations have developed most rapidly in the form of sleep apps. Sleep trackers are a great way to document how often you need to go to sleep and optimize your routine so that you’re going to make the most of the time you have to recover.

Sleep apps are also a great option for those who struggle with sleep anxiety on a routine basis. Some apps, such as Headspace and Noisili, are tailored specifically for those who struggle with this. These apps include mindfulness and meditative recordings that are made to soothe and calm you down in preparation for a good night’s sleep.

Some sleep apps also are also able to track the various stages of sleep you go through, along with how long you spend in each of them. While they’re not as detailed as reports produced in a sleep lab, they provide you with a good idea of where you can get started with good sleep. You don’t need to pay any amount of money to get started – a lot of the basic versions of the best sleep apps come with all the functionality you can expect to need.

#2: Foam Mattress Topper

Sleep innovations have come a long way since the classic spring mattress. If you’re finding yourself tossing and turning through the night, there’s a chance you might not be sleeping on the best mattress for your requirements. If you’re not looking to replace your mattress just yet, a gel foam mattress topper can be a great option to add some much-needed comfort.

Foam mattress toppers work by adding another layer atop your bed for some extra padding. The best foam mattress toppers should come with a range of features that you feel might be missing from your own bed. For instance, some foam mattress toppers have temperature regulation features that ensure you’re not experiencing hot sleep through the night.

When it comes to getting a foam mattress toppers, make sure to check that it has external certifications to ensure it’s been produced properly and without any harmful chemicals that might impact your sleep health.

Not only do foam mattress toppers come in handy to increase the comfort of your bed, but they’re also a great practical addition to any bedroom. This is because memory foam toppers are usually washable, hypoallergenic, and made without any toxic materials, making them an easy item to both clean and reuse. Perfect if you have pets, children, or are more generally accident prone!

#3: Adjustable Bed Frames

If you’re not convinced a foam mattress topper is going to fix your problem, there’s a chance the sleep position you rest within is in itself a challenge. Adjustable bed frames are exactly what they sound like – customizable bed frames that you can change as you’re sleeping for that extra touch of coziness.

This can include custom positions designed for pressure relief, and other features such as massage zones and under-bed lighting when you’re struggling to get comfortable with your sleep. Adjustable bed frames are also particularly useful sleep innovations if you’re recent parents since you’ll be able to switch easily from a horizontal to upright position, making feedings in the middle of the night a breeze.

If you aren’t sure you need an adjustable bed frame, a good way to figure this out is by simply checking to see if you’re experiencing a lot of body pain due to your bed. Even mild lower back pain can be a sign you’re not sleeping right – if you do want to make the switch, check the return policy of the company you’re purchasing it from so you can find out for sure if you want to commit or not.

#4: Smart Lamps

The relationship between proper lighting and a good night’s sleep has been well studied, and as you prep yourself for a good night of rest, it’s important to try and ensure you aren’t allowing yourself to be interrupted by any kind of cool-toned lighting.

You also want to keep away from brighter or stronger lamps in general as you’re trying to build up to a good night’s sleep. Even if they don’t feel disruptive at the moment, bright light has been proven to disrupt the circadian rhythm, at which point no foam mattress topper is going to be able to bring relief.

Smart lamps emit lower watt, gentle lights that you can adjust for brightness and set timers on. Some of these, such as the Amazon Echo Glow, allow you to set a timer so that your lights get dimmer as time goes on. Others can be centrally controlled by an app, which is a godsend if you have fussy children who you don’t want to accidentally wake by trying to enter their rooms.

Over time, sleep innovations have been engineered and designed with your personal comfort in mind. Now more than ever, there are plenty of options out on the market, from the best mattress topper to the best lamp that makes a perfect fit for you if you have trouble sleeping through the night.

With a little trial and error, you’re going to be able to narrow down exactly what works for you – your sleep cycles will thank you for it.

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