Fun Home Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up the Rest of Your Winter

Winter isn’t over just yet, and one way to give your home a warm and fuzzy feeling is to update your lighting. There are plenty of ways to have fun with the lighting fixtures in your house, especially nowadays. By implementing a few fun lighting features in the rooms in your house, you can achieve a look that’s not only attractive but is also functional. There are plenty of options available for people who want a new look. Here are some of our favorite tips for giving your home a warm and inviting glow with lighting. 

Use Recessed Lighting Under Kitchen Cabinets

Instead of relying on overhead lights to illuminate your kitchen, which can oftentimes feel too bright, install recessed lighting underneath kitchen cabinets and other areas. This will help provide additional light for when you’re cooking and cleaning in the evening. Not only are these super helpful for those who spend a lot of time cooking and baking, but they also provide subtle hints of light that give this room an extra glow. What else is good about this type of lighting is that if you ever need to sell your home fast, you can use them as a selling point!

Hang Linear Pendants Over Kitchen Seating

One look that we’ve been loving for a long time is the use of linear pendants above areas in the kitchen with seating, like breakfast nooks and bars. There are so many ways to get creative with this look. If you want something more classic, opt for a silver or gold finish. Want to get experimental? Choose a look that’s more industrial or that has fun art-deco-type accents. With this look, there really is something for every type of style. 

Add a Modern Chandelier to Your Dining Room

Dining rooms are the perfect areas for chandeliers. These days, there are so many ways to go when it comes to chandelier style. Depending on the aesthetic of your home, you can take quite a few routes. Choose something more timeless with a metallic chandelier that has an elegant and classy shape. If you’re into something more fun and bohemian, go with a fixture that is made of more raw materials. You can really go as funky or as classic as you like! 

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Place Floor Lamps Near Couches and Seats in the Living Room

Floor lamps are an easy way to add additional touches of lighting without having to worry about the technical pieces, like setting up the electricity. These days, floor lamps come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You can choose a simple look that comes with a lampshade or go with something a little bit more abstract. We suggest choosing a floor lamp that comes with a few options for dimming and brightening, especially if you plan on using it for reading a book or doing some busy work. 

Have Fun

Lighting is an excellent way to have some fun and explore different styles. Additionally, if you ever plan on selling your home, even if you sell for cash, having some extra elements of decoration will help your home appear more valuable. Play around with different types of pendants, chandeliers, and lamps to create an appearance that is warm, glowy, and enjoyable!

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