Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Your Space Feel Larger

Kitchens are a cornerstone of the home. And, as such, they need to be big enough for cooking and entertaining. But, if your kitchen is cramped or outdated, it can feel like space has been eaten up. It’s possible to save on space in your kitchen by making some simple changes. You’ll get more space, a better flow through the rooms, and a lot of style points. You should consult with professionals such as All About Kitchens as even the most subtle of changes could make a big difference.

Start With an Analysis

Just because your kitchen is on the small side, doesn’t mean it has to be devoid of style. To get started, look at the layout of your current kitchen and remodel your kitchen. Where is the fridge? Are there any additional appliances built-in? Are some areas difficult to reach while standing at the counter? Are some areas cluttered or hard to clean? Are there cabinets that are not being utilized effectively? If you can identify these elements currently, then you can begin to make plans for how you want to change things up.

Relieve the Space -Try a Floating Faucet

A faucet that sits at eye level also helps to add lightness to your existing décor. Also, you can add the same effect by adding floating shelf brackets to place underneath your sink. The shelf brackets will give off an open feeling when looking from the kitchen window. You can also add a small potted plant on your floating shelf so when you open the cabinet you get an outdoors feel.

If you have a smaller kitchen, then you know that one of the problems that come with it is not having a really big refrigerator. However, you can make your refrigerator look bigger by using white paint. When you do this, the paint will appear to be floating behind your refrigerator, giving off an illusion of more space.

Upgrade the Lighting

Lighting in the kitchen is probably the most important thing when it comes to making your space look larger. Many people don’t realize that when you look at your cabinets from different directions, they create shadows on the wall. This is why when you open your cabinets, you’ll often see one side looking smaller or smaller than another. To avoid this, you can add a dimmer switch to give off a more pleasing light and minimize the shadows.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are an excellent way to make your kitchen look larger.  This is also a great way to put under-utilized space to use. Another thing you can do is place mirrors in your kitchen when you need more storage space. This will make it look like you have more space in your cabinets when in reality you don’t.

Use Different Colors for the Dishes

You can create a much more extensive illusion of more room in your kitchen when it comes to the color of your dishes. When you do this, you’ll be able to create a much larger overall space when, in reality, you don’t have much more than what you started with. 

Use White Color Walls

White walls are always a good idea in the kitchen because they can balance everything out. It’s difficult to see when everything is white. You can use this trick when you want to put up shelves for food storage because it will dramatically increase the amount of shelf space you have with this added illusion of more space. 

 Open shelving is a great way to make your kitchen look bigger. This is because it can remind you of those open marketplaces where everything is displayed at the same level as the others. When this happens, it makes everything appear as if they are all on display. You can do this by putting up a few shelves and leaving some space between them to give off an illusion of more space.

Shiny Flooring

Another unique idea to consider is a little bit of shine. The type of flooring material you choose can dramatically affect how your kitchen looks. You can choose from tiles or laminate flooring as well as wood floors. The most popular choice at the moment is vinyl plank flooring and epoxy flooring which is ultra-trendy due to its durability and its ability to withstand feet and traffic.

Just because your kitchen isn’t your primary living space doesn’t mean it can’t also be beautifully decorated. You may even find that by decorating your kitchen properly, you begin to think of it as an important part of the home rather than just a utilitarian space where you whip up meals.

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