The Elegance of a Mirror Wardrobe

Wardrobes are an excellent addition to your room. They offer storage spaces and help organize personal belongings. Moreover, you can customize wardrobes with accessories that enhance their function and aesthetic appeal.

One of the most practical accessories you can fit is a mirror. The reflective fixture is often installed on the closet’s door panels. Here are a few benefits you can enjoy from the elegance of a mirror wardrobe. 


Mirrors are great for fitting clothes and putting on make-up. Full-sized mirrors, in particular, offer a great view of the entire body. Therefore, you can check out your complete look before stepping out of the bedroom. The full-sized mirror is the ideal installation for the exterior surface of the closet’s door panel. 

If that’s not enough, then you can opt for a three-way mirror that offers a unique reflection with a 360 view of your entire body. The set-up combines three full-sized mirrors placed at specific angles to the subject. The effect is best achieved on corner closets.

Smart Mirrors

Although relatively new, smart mirrors are slowly gaining traction due to their unique performance. For example, the mirror can display information like the date, time, and even weather on its reflective surface. 

Moreover, smart mirrors have advanced to displaying outfit suggestions and can provide access to online retail stores to purchase clothing items! 

Although the technology is young, it’s making unique strides that redefine how we interact with our closet mirrors. Currently, smart mirrors are available as a custom fitting for your closet.

The Illusion of a Spacious Room

Mirrors have the unique ability to make a small room look double the size. Extensive full-sized mirrors have the best effect since they give greater depth to a room.  

When combined with high ceilings, the mirrors can make a small space feel quite spacious.


Mirrors improve the lighting in a space. They expand the distribution of natural light by reflecting and dispersing rays that come through the window. As a result, they make a room brighter and more lively.

Moreover, the mirrors provide room to explore different lighting designs around the reflective surface. Some of the possible designs include:

LED Mirror Lighting

LEDs are the most popular mirror lighting option. This is because they are energy efficient and provide efficient light output. Moreover, the lights are available in a variety of temperatures and strengths. There are also different options for color. 

Hollywood Vanity Lighting

You have probably seen this design in movies and other television shows. The set-up features large bright bulbs fixed around the periphery of a mirror. 

Hollywood vanity lighting is excellent for dressers in walk-in closets. In addition, it provides an excellent illumination fit for detailed make-up preparations. 

Halo Lights

These are LED lights that form a soft halo light around mirror fixtures. They offer great accent lighting, especially when the main lights in the room are off.

Unique Designs

Mirror closets come in an array of designs. The swing door closet is the most popular design and features a reflective fitting on the exterior surface of the door panels. 

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Swing door panels come as inbuilt or freestanding units. The latter can be custom-built or bought as a pre-made unit. 

Sliding door closets can also accommodate mirrors. Some feature mirrors on all the panels to create an extensive reflective surface, while others use a single board for the fitting. Regardless, the sliding door mirror closet is suitable for small spaces since the open and close function takes little floor space.

Mirror wardrobes are a great addition to bedroom spaces. Invest in one today and start enjoying the benefits.

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