Is Color Important While Choosing Bedroom Doors

If you live in Singapore, when it comes to choosing a door for your home, whether it is the main door or the bedroom, several factors have an impact on what the door will look like and what its functionality is. For different areas of the room, you may have different requirements. For example, you would want the front door of the house to be strong and durable along with being aesthetically beautiful. For the kitchen or bathroom, you would want a door that is not affected by water and humidity. 

For a bedroom, your main requirement would be for it to blend aesthetically with the interior design and offer privacy. You can choose from different materials of the door, colors, textures, and designs to find the suitable home room door yourself. You can select the door of your choice by contacting various local suppliers who excel in providing high-quality services and products when it comes to gates, doors, and windows. Here, we will discuss the most important factor that should influence your decision of choosing an HDB bedroom door: Color!

Picking the Right Colors for the Door

Choosing the right color for the door is probably the most important aspect of selecting a bedroom door. You can choose the right material for the door but if the color is not coordinated properly with the other elements of the design, the overall impact will not be the one you expected. Choosing the right color can help soften the image or put emphasis on certain elements according to your design. In terms of color, keep in view the following considerations:

  • Consider the floor color and choose the bedroom door color accordingly. If the floor is a light wood color or shiny glossy tiles, choose warm colors for the bedroom door to create balance and contrast. On the contrary, if the floors are dark or multicolored, opt for a monochrome bedroom door in soft hues and palettes.
  • Another element to consider is the furniture of the room. Normally, you should select a maximum of three colors for any room. Then you can see how you want the color of the bedroom door to be. You can have the option of choosing one particular color for the bed and the door, and the remaining two colors can go on the walls, floor, and other room elements. Conversely, you can choose the same color for the floor and the door while keeping the other elements of a different color. The main point to consider is whether you want the bedroom door to stand out in a bold contrast or want the door to smoothly blend into the other elements.

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  • Another way to choose a particular color is to select one neutral color for the three walls of the bedroom and use a bold or contrasting color for the fourth wall as well as for the door. This will help create a good illusion in the room. If you have a small bedroom, try to choose similar hues of the same color for the walls and the door so that they flow into each other. This will create the illusion of a bigger space as compared to a contrasting door which immediately creates a boundary to make the room appear small.
  • A safe way to choose a color for your bedroom is to go monochrome with all the doors of the house. Using a single color for all the rooms helps create cohesion and harmony in the overall design theme. Of course, they won’t be able to create a unique statement, but it is a safe choice.
  • To make your bedroom door stand out, choose bright and bold colors for the bedroom door. You can choose a single solid color or use a combination of a couple of colors to create geometric patterns or panels in the door. The bedroom door will then create a bold statement which you can smooth out by keeping other elements and furniture of the room neutral, soft, and pastel. These bright-colored doors can further be enhanced by using the proper types of lighting.
  • To create a dramatic effect in your bedroom, opt for dark and warm colors for the bedroom. A bedroom should usually be designed in a way so that gives a soft, warm, and relaxing feel. To achieve this atmosphere, opt for dark warm colors for the other elements of the room as well as for the door. All these elements and the door will blend well with each other to create a cozy and serene environment.
  • If you are in a fix about which color to choose for the bedroom, go for white color! A white door is the safest choice of color for a bedroom door especially if your interior design theme is minimalist or Scandinavian. 
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