Top 7 Kick-Ass Web Design Trends for Your Business Branding

Aesthetics and web design are integral to business branding. It’s more than just making your website look good. Its main goal is to relay the values and essence of your products without using words. 

The best web designers from Toronto will tell you that the key to effective web design is to choose the best and latest techniques that convey your business message. No design fits all, you just have to channel your creative spirit and let your energy flow. Here is a guide to the recent trends in web design for some ideas. 

Top Design Trends

Following the trends can be challenging in this fast-paced world. Don’t fret, because when it comes to web design innovations, you just have to follow the rule of ergonomic design. To start your web design journey, here are the latest trends:

1. Response, Speed, and Balance

With millions of results showing up in a single click, keeping the netizen’s attention span is crucial for online engagement. However, one of the main problems that you may encounter during web design is incompatibility issues. These malfunctions refer to the inability of your website to properly load on different devices. 

To ensure the speed and response of your site are up to par, make sure to invest in improving your conversion rates and lowering loading time. One of the ways to do that is to keep your website well-balanced and clean. Putting too many elements may cause slower loading times and missing images. 

2. Rely on Text

Professionals like SEO consultant Toronto will tell you that having too many words on your site is a big no-no. Too many text elements can lower the attention span and bore your readers. Others would often suggest putting images in between for a breather. 

However, this technique will only work for certain businesses. Relying on text alone can be a powerful tool to showcase the formality and seriousness of your business. Using different techniques in typography such as changing font designs, colors, and styles will help you change up the look of the site without making it too informal. If you ever need to put pictures, try doing it in collages to save space. 

3. Illustration and Shapes

Doodles and customized art decor on your website might seem like a bold risk. Art after all is objective and hiring a personal web designer to style your site can be an added expense. However, taking the risk of adding organic shapes and illustrations will show off a different side of business personality. It also allows you to tell stories in abstract ways, and allow your readers to engage and think of what they are seeing. 

4. Minimalism or Vivid Colors?

The artworld is often divided by using minimalist or vivid designs. Both styles have their own advantages and offer a different perspective to viewers. The former brings forth a sense of light and clarity with its use of negative space and minimization of digital noise. 

The latter on the other hand sparks interest through colorful gradients, bringing in fun and joy for your readers. No matter what path you take, it’s important to stick to one template. Combining them in your design can make your customers feel disoriented and confused. 

5. Try Out Fonts

Typography is more than just laying out your ideas into words. In this modern era, the way your words are written will also play a factor in emphasizing different thoughts. Utilizing different techniques such as 3D design, bright fonts, stylish animated text, and different orientations will help guide your readers in your site. You can pull their focus into different areas by carefully tweaking the typography of your content. 

6. 3D Vision

The images and words on your desktop may be in a two-dimensional space, but there are different ways to make the content leap out of your screen. One of the ways to do that is by experimenting with 3D techniques and software programs that allow you to create different illusions and stunning masterpieces! These visual innovations will help hold your audience’s attention much longer.

7. Use Micro Animations

Micro Animation is all about the art of subtle design. Its main goal is to make the online experience of your readers a bit more physical by adding different interactive elements. It has to be small enough to trigger a reaction, but it should not distract your readers from the actual content. Its main purpose is to be a visual aid for your readers. 

Utilizing the best tools in the biz is one of the sure-fire ways to ensure customer engagement. If you want to attract viewer traffic, you need to be in tune with the latest upgrades and web innovations. 

Whichever trends you stick to, a good rule of thumb is that all the developments should be for customer experience improvement. So, don’t be afraid to step outside of your creative space, experiment, and try out different web design techniques. With hundreds of options in the market, you have to adapt trends to stand out. 

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