Cloud Hosting vs Traditional VPS Hosting

There has been an ongoing debate this past couple of years over which web hosting is better, cloud hosting or traditional VPS hosting. The truth is they are quite similar in their setup, the main difference that occurs between these two types of hosting is the way the server is deployed and managed. While the traditional VPS hosting uses one single physical server, divided into several smaller virtual servers, cloud hosting uses a network of connected physical servers. Comparing VPS and cloud hosting side-by-side, they each have their own pros and cons. So it all comes down to personal needs and preferences. Choosing the perfect type of hosting for your website can depend on numerous factors, like budget, technical capabilities, the amount of web traffic, etc.

So to help you better understand these two types of web hostings, in this article we will go over their pros and cons and their basic features. To hopefully help you make the right choice for your website.

Traditional VPS hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Servers hosting is a physical server, which is sold or leased as a service by an internet hosting service provider. However, even though you are using one server with a number of other users, there is still no direct competition. But this does affect the performance of the server, meaning your performance can fluctuate if another VPS is consuming a lot of the resources. VPS hosting offers complete freedom. When setting up you can configure your operating system and software according to your needs. You have unlimited access to everything. This however requires the need for some technical skills. So VPS hosting is not recommended for beginners with no previous knowledge. 

Although VPS hosting offers a great number of server resources, the main concern is the limitation of the physical server. Even though you can increase, the memory and CPU power to a certain level still there is certain amount of resources it can deliver. So having this in mind if you want to go beyond the limits of the physical server, you will probably need to upgrade to a new plan. 

Compared to other types of hosting VPS has probably the highest level of security due to its location on a single physical server. Your security cannot be compromised even if another website on the server is hacked or infected. The pricing for VPS hosting is quite reasonable. With VPS hosting you get more bang for your buck than with your other types of hostings. Also, the pricing is very predictable, considering you choose monthly plans. VPS hosting is best suited for small to medium businesses with predictable monthly web traffic.

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Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting become very popular in just a short period of time and it is very easy to see why. Cloud hosting operates on a network of virtual machines that function like one big VPS. This way you get more available resources at your disposal. 

With cloud hosting, you have no limitations of a single server, so it is great for growing websites. There is no risk of website downtime, if one server fails another instantly steps up and takes its place. Especially with managed cloud servers, there is virtually no downtime.

 Cloud hosting does not offer as much customization as VPS hosting. Even if it does offer some customization options, you will still need a high technical knowledge and skills to configure a cloud-based server that has the highest level of performance and reliability. It also has the ability to handle even the most unexpected traffic spikes. Since the websites are kept separate from all the other ones, the security levels are quite high. Although, cloud hosting is more expensive than  VPS hosting it is still a great value for money. The monthly costs for cloud hosting are a little less predictable than the ones from VPS hosting. Since they can change from month to month, depending on the resource that you use. Cloud hosting is great for medium to larger web-based businesses that get both predictable and unpredictable traffic spikes. Also, it’s a good option for growing businesses that have extra needs and demands.

What to Choose

The comparison between these two types of web hostings shows a difference in the infrastructure of the server and the features that the provider offers. They both offer amazing conditions. So if you are looking to launch a website in a short period of time and you don’t necessarily care about scale then VPS hosting can be a great more affordable option. But if you need a flexible hosting setup with high-level site performance and larger storage then should probably consider looking into cloud hosting. There are definitely endless options available online for web hosting and web hosting providers. The important thing to do is research before deciding which one is the best for you.

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