Questions to Ask a Web Designing Company

Selecting a good web designing company is challenging. Here are some questions that help in choosing the right web designing company. Ask these questions to the company representatives before making a choice.

What Kind of Research Will You Do?

A good website design requires thorough research about modern, successful designs in the market.

Will You Review My Current Website?

The web designer should be ready to analyze the existing website of his client. This way, he learns more about the client’s needs and business requirements. Visit to know more.

A good professional web designer will assess the current website. And suggest improvisation and new designs based on the previous design. Also, such improvisation will cost less. It is because the content can be imported and forwarded to new domains.

Will Your Design Fit in My Budget?

Discuss the budget very clearly. Some companies list packaged pricing. In such scenarios, discuss every offer being provided. Enquire about domain registration, web hosting, stock images, and plugins. These are the popular additional costs.

Do You Outsource Your Project?

Some companies work in-house, and some others outsource their projects. Outsourcing is hiring a third party to do the task. In case if the company is outsourcing, enquire about the additional support they are receiving. Outsourcing delays projects, increase project costs, and has communication challenges.

Will You Provide Me with a Project Manager?

A software company generally appoints a project manager who takes care of multiple projects. He is the sole contact person once the project begins. Some companies leave it to the team. In such cases, the responses may not be on time and accurate.

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What is the Design Process You are Adopting?

Enquire if the web designing company is using project management software. Such software helps keep the project’s tasks on time and on budget and helps finish the project within the deadline. This way, the customer gets his website on time.

How Long Will You Take to Complete It?

The time duration of the project in this field is usually calculated based on the content the client has in hand. Fix a deadline in harmony with the company.

Other General Questions

  • What do you want from me before we start the project?
  • Should I provide the content of the website?
  • Will you use the content from my previous website?
  • Should I provide the images?
  • Can I have a look at your portfolios?
  • Are you interested in sharing the previous client’s contact details?
  • Which CMS (Content Management System) are you using?
  • Do you create responsive web designs?
  • Do you use templates or build custom sites?
  • Do you follow SEO practices?
  • How many pages will your design have? Mostly a good professional website consists of five – basic pages.
  • They are Homepage, About Us, services offered, Blog, and Contact Us.
  • Do you have enough resources to build an E-Commerce site?
  • How many revisions are included?
  • What security features will you provide for my website?
  • What training support do you offer?
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