10 Bathroom Remodel Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Renovation of bathrooms is an expensive idea. Doing it right will save both money and stress. Bathrooms serve specific needs, and so functionality is equally important to the aesthetics. Common remodeling mistakes can be avoided through a clear plan and the right professional assistance. Here we discuss 10 of the very common bathroom remodel mistakes to avoid. All Bay Builders can help with your bathroom designing needs.

Lack of Plan

Every bathroom remodeling project needs a solid plan. Without the same, it might just prove to be a more costly and stressful affair. Discussion with a design team at the start can help in constructing a proper fail-proof plan. Homeowners often start with a vision for remodeling, which can be transformed into workable ideas by designers. Any change to bathroom footprints or plumbing arrangement should also be completed beforehand. These otherwise can become a reason for additional cost and delays.

Spacing and Layout Mistakes

Bathroom remodeling can quickly change from a joyful dream into a functional nightmare. Mistakes with spacing and appropriate layout can result in this. As such, breaking down of existing walls or moving old fixtures need more attention. The spacing among these elements and their layouts are crucial. Common mistakes with layout spacings can leave bathroom designs cluttered and uncomfortable in the end. 

Not Accounting for Storage

Even small spaced bathrooms can be remodeled with ways for maximizing space and storage. Minimalist designs are in trend. But it does not mean compromising on storage for bathroom essentials like linen and other personal items. Smart bathroom storage solutions like mirror cabinets and shower (such as electric shower) recesses can make great use of limited bathroom spaces.

Poor Drainage

Substandard workmanship and design flaws can impact the drainage system for remodeled bathrooms. This one frequent mistake can cause a lot of functional problems in the long run. Particular attention to space and tile gradient is of utmost essential. In addition to this, incorrect design can lead to improper spacing for the elements, thereby impacting drainage equally. Small considerations like the angle of floor tiles or placement of the shower heads and bathtubs can be really helpful in this case.

Improper Ventilation

Sufficient and well-placed ventilation helps to keep bathrooms dry. Without proper ventilation, humidity gets trapped inside, causing discomfort to more things than the users alone. Wallpapered bathroom walls might peel loose owing to trapped moisture. Also, humidity can result in mold on the walls and ceilings too. Intense moisture can even wrongly affect grout and metal fixtures as well. With many options available in the market, it is always suggested that you choose the right ventilation system for bathroom remodeling projects.

Insufficient Lighting

Poorly lit bathrooms can cause unwanted shadows while looking at the mirrors. Right from shaving in the morning to an unwinding bath at the day’s end, bathroom lighting needs constant adaptability to match the mood. Lighting mistakes can be avoided by proper positioning of light fixtures and matching the size of vanity accordingly. Dark spots and low light can be dangerous while moving around wet bathroom tiles.

Substandard Materials

Bathrooms are the dampest part of home interiors. Hence, the selection of material for remodeling requires consulting the experts. Mistakes here are quite common but easily avoidable. Hardwearing materials for bathroom fittings can withstand the ever-fluctuating humidity inside. Similarly, porcelain and ceramic sanitary ware are both hygienic and easy to clean. Moreover, floor tiles need sufficient texture to prevent slip, and limescale build-ups at the same time.  

Inconsistent Styling

Bathrooms are a part of an entire house. So there should be consistency in design as a whole. A trendy bathroom inside an old-fashioned entity can stick out like a sore thumb. The remodeling plan should consider bath fittings and other elements to complement the rest of the décor. However, if the plan is to renovate the entire house, then this can be easily ignored in the process.

Budget Underestimation

Miscalculating needs and space can eventually mean underestimation of the remodeling budget. The key to avoiding such mistakes is a better understanding of the project baseline. This can prepare for necessary adjustments when required. There is no point in going through a costly affair if the purpose is not fulfilled. Concentrating on the functional part over luxury might be the right approach. Keeping aside an overhead for unexpected plumbing needs is also advisable here.

Hiring Cheapest Service

Looking for the cheapest contractor can be a big mistake in the end. Getting selective and expensive materials installed imperfectly is really unwanted. Hiring a contractor with sufficient experience in similar work is recommended. They need to be licensed and with valid insurance. Selection of the right contractors can be made through trusted recommendations and testimonials.

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