DIY Projects to Upgrade Your Rented Flat in Hyderabad

You’ve been dreaming of your move to Hyderabad for a long time. Now that you’re finally there and have moved into your 1BHK for rent in Gachibowli, you’re ready to turn your apartment into your dream home. There’s just one teeny-tiny problem. As a renter, there’s a limit to the number of changes that you can make to your apartment. After all, your landlord probably won’t approve if you want to knock down a wall or put up new shelving, and you don’t want to risk giving up your security deposit for such artistic pursuits. So, how can you ensure that your flat still meets your aesthetic desires and feels like your dream home? We’ve got some easy and damage-free DIY projects for you to try. Check them out!

Monogram Doormat

Who says that the vibe of your apartment should be kept behind closed doors? Set the stage for your space right from the doormat with this easy and yet super fun DIY. This is also a great way to set your granny flat apart from all the others if your building has identical doors for each apartment. All you need is a doormat and some fabric paint. Cut out a stencil of your initial and place it over the doormat. Then paint over it in your preferred shade of paint – black for a classic neutral look, or a bright shade for a pop of color. You could even use this technique to paint on a funny quote or a quirky drawing if that’s more your style.

Pendant Lights

These are all the rage on Pinterest and we’re sure you’ve looked longingly at a set of pendant lights and wanted some for your home at some point. Well, turns out you can make them yourself without damaging the existing lighting systems in your apartment. All you need to do is switch out the lights that are in your apartment and store them safely. Then replace the bulbs with your DIY pendant light made out of wire tubing (there are plenty of online tutorials that will help you out here).

Upcycled Planters

There’s nothing like some plants to liven up your home and make it feel truly cozy. But buying pots and planters can get quite expensive, especially if you look at ceramicware. Luckily, you don’t need to think about that when it comes to building your own DIY garden. You can create planters by upcycling any old mug, bowl, or container in your home. In fact, there are even some crazy tutorials that allow you to make planters from books and tyres. Simply take your future planter and drill some drainage holes in the bottom. Fill with compost and potting soil and you’ve got a home for your indoor plants.

DIY Chalkboards or Pinboards

Sure you could buy a chalkboard or a pinboard for your 1BHK flat for rent in Hyderabad, but surely you have better things to spend your money on. These boards can be expensive, not to mention heavy, even though they add a lot of aesthetic points to your space. And then there’s the added issue of finding a board that’s the perfect size for your wall layout. Well, with our easy DIY you’ll face none of these problems. All you need to do is buy a piece of plywood or cardboard (for a blackboard) or a sheet of thermocouple (for a pinboard). Measure and cut it to the size of the space that you want. Then simply give it a coat of chalkboard paint or cover it with felt paper and you’ll have an affordable and lightweight board that you can use to put down your daily tasks and pin-up pictures and receipts. 

With these DIY projects, you’ll be able to give your apartment in Hyderabad an upgrade in no time. So, try them out and let your imagination lead the way!

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