5 Exterior Home Shutter Trends in 2023

The exterior of your home is one of the first things people notice when they drive by. Therefore, it gives you the opportunity to show off your style and personality while still maintaining a sense of privacy for you and your family. A lot of homeowners are looking to renovate their homes soon. One way that you can do this is by installing top interior plantation shutters High Point on your home. There are many different trends in shutter styles, so it’s crucial that you know what will work best for you before making a decision! In this blog post, we’re going to discuss 5 popular shutter trends in 2023. By the way, check this store for the best quality Southern Custom Shutters.

Raised Panel Shutters

A raised panel shutter is a type of exterior home shutter that can be installed on the outside walls of your house.  This style features panels with gaps between them, creating an elegant and sleek facade for your home. You may opt to paint these shutters a contrasting color to make sure they are visually appealing from afar. This will also give your home an updated look.

Raised panel shutters are a popular exterior shutter trend because they offer many benefits for homeowners, including privacy, security, and thermal insulation.  These exteriors also contain panels with gaps between them to let in natural light while still maintaining your ability to see outside through the spaces on either side of the panels. They also work perfectly with any home design, either traditional or modern design.

Bahama Shutters

Bahama shutters are a type of exterior home shutter that is similar to a plantation shutter. They typically have blades on one side, which gives them their distinctive look; however, they can also be installed with two panels and three panels for more privacy and an inside blade or no blade at all.

These exteriors have many benefits for homeowners, including privacy and security.  Unlike typical plantation shutters that only cover the front of your home with slats, Bahama shutters can be installed on all four sides to provide more protection from outside threats such as thieves.

Bahama shutter exteriors also offer a sense of elegance because they are typically made out of wood, which gives them a natural look.

Functional Colonial Shutters

Functional colonial shutters are a common exterior home shutter trend because they provide protection from the sun, rain, and wind while still being aesthetically pleasing to look at when installed in an eye-catching color scheme.

These exteriors can be customized with options such as plantation shutters, Bahama shutters, or even a shutter made out of glass.  They are also easy to install because you can purchase them pre-made, and they don’t require any painting or preparation work on the exterior walls of your home before installation.

Arched Wooden Shutters

Arched wooden shutters are another exterior shutter trend that is popular.  These exteriors look like they were made out of a natural material such as wood or stone and provide homeowners with the aesthetic benefits of an arched shape.

You may not be able to customize these types of shutters because you cannot change their color, but there are other options available for homeowners who want to customize the exterior of their homes.

Arched wooden shutters offer many benefits, including privacy, security, and thermal insulation.  The natural materials that these exteriors are made out of also keep them from being a fire hazard because they do not contain any chemicals or man-made products.

Z or X Board and Batten Shutters

Z or X Board and Batten exterior provide homeowners with the ability to create an artistic look for their homes without taking up too much space on the walls.

These exteriors have many benefits, including privacy, security, and thermal insulation; however, they are not the best option for homes that live in a hurricane zone because of their relatively weak construction.

Z or X Board and Batten shutter exteriors typically have boards attached to battens on either side with an opening in between them. Natural light can be seen coming through the spaces; however, these shutters also offer the option of having a more solid look to them.

There are many exterior shutter trends to choose from when you want to improve your home’s exterior aesthetics. The best option will depend on your specific need as well as what the shutter offers in terms of protection against various threats such as thieves or hurricanes.

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