Belt Drive Garage Door Openers vs. Chain Drive

The look is what we see. The feature is what we use. Both of them are as essential as another, and when shopping for your garage door belt, both factors are incredibly important. While all garage doors are similar in use, they somewhat possess different type of types of machines that lift the actual door. 

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How much are you willing to invest? This may stand as an option when deciding between chain or belt garage doors. While their materials are different, their price is, too. And so is their functionality, the chain drives are designed out of something that looks similar to a bicycle chain, it is notorious for its noise-making and save more money to purchase. While the belt drive makes little or no noise a slightly way expensive, it may be worth buying as it requires a lesser amount of expertise to use. 


As mentioned earlier, a belt drive is made from soft to silent materials to create almost no noise, on the other hand, is a belt drive that screams its way through to work. You will need to opt for the belt drive garage opener if your garage is an installed part of the home or neighborhood, as it won’t be head-jamming when you leave or return from work.  


This is, of course, a strong factor when determining between both. However, while the belt drive can be silent in doing its job, it is not as strong as the chain drive. It can break down over time while using a double-door garage or heavier doors. Notwithstanding, if you are making a preference for a single-door opener or light-weight doors, belt drives may fit in the best. 


Modern garage doors open typically at a rate of 7-8 inches per second. One of the two factors that bring about this is safety, as garage doors can be heavy and the other is smoothness, garage chain doors drags or bounces as they crack open while belt drives do not, they are smoothened in their operation, making belts drives faster. So if you are considering speed, then the best option is for you. 

Ease of Replacement 

As time passes, replacing your door openers becomes a necessity and you do not have a choice but to do so, as they either grow weak or collapse. Belt drives will assume very easier to be replaced while chain drives stick to their rigidity. While you may be able to do the former yourself, you may need to hire a professional for the former. 

Ease of Maintenance 

Similarly, even if your chains or belt do not grow weak, lubrication is one of the prior maintenance you cannot avoid. Consequently, while chain drive requires a regular sacrifice of maintenance, the latter, which is the belt do not. And this can save you a lot of stress.

Nevertheless, you can make your choice, this is not to decide for you but to give you a light to decide. 

Let us know in the comments below what you think about chain or belt drive or why you think one is better. 

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