Call of Duty Warzone: Latest guide: Tips, Tricks, and Strategy

Warzone has been the favorite of many gamers, especially the action-seeking ones. We all love the game due to the unending actions and challenging confrontations. But with a lot of additions to the COD Warzone, you need to keep abreast with everything happening to strategize your playstyle better. 

So, in this latest Call of Duty Warzone guide, we’ll be giving you up-to-date information on how to win. This information will include tips, tricks, and winning strategies for Warzone. Also, do well to add some COD Warzone Hacks and cheats to be a step ahead of your game. With that said, let’s consider the pro tips given below.

Call of Duty: Warzone Latest Guide

1. Strategize Your Starting Position

Knowing where the diminishing gas circle will start will give you an idea of your opponents’ likely drop points. Hence, allowing you to determine the best spots for you to land. So, while you’re still on the plane, take a look at your Verdansk map.

From previous experience on the map, you must have noted the best loot location on the map. You may be tempted to land there, but that may not be a very safe place for you. Some of your opponents know these locations and may be headed there, resulting in fierce fights. You may end up dying before the game even starts.

2. Weapons Still Matters

A loadout drop is the first thing you or your team should try to secure immediately after landing on Verdansk.  These weapons are your only defense till you can gather enough cash for bigger purchases. Your loadout should contain weapons that suit your preferred style of play. We recommend that you make use of some available weapon attachments too. 

Also, make sure to check the specification of the weapons you choose. Some key things to look out for include the damage output, recoil, and range. The recoil is a factor upon which your weapon’s stability depends for maximum accuracy; the less the recoil, the better. Some good guns include the STG44, KAR98k, Carbine, etc.

3. Money is Never Too Much

Like most of us already know, Warzone utilizes the Cash currency. Take all the money you can find on Verdansk; no one will arrest you. You may be tempted to save tons of money so you can brag when you hang out with friends. You don’t get rewarded for your ability to save, so buddy, spend that cash. 

Get some useful perks and upgrades for your weapons- some new skins wouldn’t be a bad idea either. You will also need the money to buy your teammates that don’t survive the Gulag fight. So go about and loot as much cash as you can find in Verdansk. Contracts are the fastest way to make money- the Scavenger Contract especially- so do them.

4. Complete Tasks

Warzone allows you to complete tasks, known as contracts, and get rewards after completion. Contracts are a unique feature of the game, and they include Scavenger, Recon, Contraband, and Most Wanted. In addition, the different contracts come with different rewards.

For example, the Scavenger contract requires you and your squad to find crates and open them. This contract has to be completed within a specific given time, and you have three of these crates to open. Completing the Scavenger contract earns you some cash as a reward. The Most wanted contract has high risk but is worth trying. After completing these contracts, you are granted the ability to revive all members of your team that had previously fallen.

5. Cooperate with Your Squad Mates

You must have come across ‘teammates’ and ‘squads’ several times in this article before now. So, if you are only aware of solo play, you can play as a team too. So, when you play as a team member, endeavor to communicate useful information with your teammates. 

We also recommend team members pool their cash together to buy some major items. You may have a full inventory of supplies while some members of your team are left with nothing. Endeavor to share them and drop some plates that they can pick up.


So, there you go with an up-to-date Warzone guide. Endeavor to apply them and get the tips handy for quick reference purposes. Never forget to stick with your team, sharing vital information and items. Gather as much cash as possible, and finally, complete contracts. 

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