Tips on SEO and Digital Marketing Success for Bankruptcy Lawyers

Finding success is a difficult task for any business, and bankruptcy law firms are no exception. One of the most helpful and recent tools to come into use in recent years, something that really helps turn the tides for smaller businesses, is search engine optimization, or SEO, alongside digital marketing. One of the major problems with SEO is just how tricky it can be to actually implement; it’s definitely not something that can be done by an amateur, so in general, companies who have successful SEO/digital marketing programs either have their own digital marketing team or they hire an outside digital marketing firm to handle things.

How To Have A Successful Seo And Digital Marketing Campaign For Bankruptcy Lawyers

First off, let’s get this out of the way: if you are not a big firm, and you do not have money to throw around for your SEO digital marketing campaign, you should absolutely not try to handle things in-house. The cost-benefit analysis simply is not going to line up in such a way to justify that kind of decision. Instead, working with an outside team that specializes in digital marketing and SEO, especially one with the experience to back up their claims, is going to be your best bet. Sure, there is the stuff that is obvious to do, such as pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements, where one takes out ads through Google or Bing’s ad services, but it’s also about the execution. Anyone with money can buy an ad on Google for a specific search term, but you need to be a smart marketer to know what search term is the best to focus on. For example, what if you take out an ad to be placed on the search term “bankruptcy lawyer”? Well, good luck with that, pal, because you just put yourself in competition with every single bankruptcy lawyer who took out an ad on that search result. And hey, don’t get me wrong — if you COULD wind up pulling off such a ballsy gambit, well, more power to you. But let’s go on record and be clear that we do NOT recommend, in any uncertain terms, to go down that road. A better idea would be to focus on a more specific search term, one that is aimed at a narrower demographic. For example, putting ads on “Bankruptcy attorneys [City/State] goes a long way, as instead of competing with every bankruptcy attorney in the country, you’re just competing with every bankruptcy attorney in your city. You can even try to narrow it down even further, targeting specific boroughs or neighborhoods to reduce the chance of butting heads with too much competition. When you are doing an SEO campaign, you want to make sure you have a solid online marketing strategy for bankruptcy attorneys. There is nothing worse than going into a marketing plan half-cocked, you have to be ready for this. Much like with PPC advertising, you don’t want your SEO plan to be too general, as you run the risk of having your SEO content drowned out by everyone else. On the other hand, you want to avoid being too specific; narrowing your content may be good, but if you narrow it too much, you may find yourself lacking in customers generated by that marketing. Finding the exact right niche to fit into with your articles is very important. But the thing is, SEO is not just a matter of slapping it on the obvious stuff. I mean, it can be for sure, but it doesn’t have to be that exclusively. One of the best ways to do a more natural SEO article, one that is likely to be picked up by the search engine, is to go for search terms that aren’t necessarily directly related to your business. For example, a personal injury law firm may have articles on things such as safe driving tips, because a lot of personal injury claims are made in response to an auto injury. So by using something that is not directly related to their services but is at the very least relevant, they get someone who may be interested in their services or, at least, may look to them in the future if they are ever in need of a personal injury lawyer. It is more or less the same for a bankruptcy law firm as well. If your content is just about your services, you are going to severely limit what you can get out of your digital marketing campaign. Also, make sure your page is enjoyable to navigate. Ugly, garish designs or slow load times are a good way to get people off of your website, and quick. One of the greatest ways to market your brand is simply this, however: word of mouth. Good services can lead to good reviews, and those good reviews can direct even more business your way. Good word of mouth for your bankruptcy law firm goes a long way to help enhance the other parts of your digital marketing campaign, ensuring that you maximize your investment into it.

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