Ceiling Fans Buying Guide: 6 Things to Know

A ceiling fan is an excellent cooling option available at an affordable price. With people seeking cooling both inside and outside, especially during the hot and humid summer months, reputable brands like Luminous bring an exclusive range of stylish ceiling fans that are sleek in design and extremely affordable. If you are investing in a ceiling fan for the first time, it is always advisable to check the ceiling fan price before making a purchase. 

A ceiling fan is a mechanical device, which is electrically driven and is suspended from the ceiling of a room. It uses hub-mounted rotating blades for circulating air. Apart from style and ceiling fan price, mentioned-below are a few key things that will help you pick the right ceiling fan for your space. 

1. Room Size

The size and number of blades in a ceiling fan are selected as per the room size or the area in which you want to install it. With the help of a tape measure, you can calculate the square footage of your room and then choose the blade span accordingly.  

You can easily measure a ceiling fan’s size by recording the diameter of its blade sweep. While sizing a ceiling fan as per room size, you would need a minimum of 18’’ to 24’’ of clearance on all sides of the fan. 

2. Blade Material and Finish

Choosing the right fan blade material is important. Usually, the blades are made of wood, metal, or plastic. You can select the best blade finish to complement the existing décor of your room. In case you are choosing a ceiling fan for moisture-prone areas such as washrooms or if you reside in a coastal region, you must select blades with a rustproof finish. 

3. Energy Efficiency

If you are worried about your monthly electricity bills, you should consider the option of buying an energy-efficient ceiling fan that ensures substantial energy savings. 

4. Look for the Motor

The primary responsibility of a motor is to produce quiet operation while driving the blades for air movement. When you are looking for the ceiling fan price, also look for high-quality motors with heavy-duty windings and sealed bearings that are permanently lubricated. 

Small and poor quality motors found in lower quality fans may produce higher operating temperatures, lower air circulation, and noisier operation. At the same time, good quality motors are specially designed to work flawlessly for long periods of time and have a long-lasting life. 

5. Sweep Size of the Fan

The air delivered by a ceiling fan is usually proportional to its sweep. Fans with higher sweep mean that a fan can provide more air. Hence, it is important to select the right sweep of a ceiling fan for a given room size. A correctly sized fan can efficiently cool your room.

6. Consider the Warranty 

When you plan to invest in a ceiling fan, look for a good warranty period for your fan. Usually, Indian manufacturers offer a warranty of 2 years. A powerful motor usually correlates to the better and long warranted fan. After considering the factors that will help you buy a ceiling fan, you might be interested in buying one for your home to keep you cool, even in those corners where cooling appliances won’t work. Luminous, as a premium brand in electronic products, offers a smart range of ceiling fans which boast smart features like remote control, high-speed motor for higher air thrust, gloss-finish, and much more.

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